Thursday, August 17, 2017

dance music as inherently anti-fascist

other examples?

postscript 8/19

CJ suggests this

and in the comments Eli B argued for this one

i must say that i always thought that was Gabi + Gorl doing that "playing with dodgy imagery to rile up the squares"  move .


Eli B said...

Pretty sure this is *implicitly* anti-fascist though I guess some folks did miss the irony:


good one - although i suspect Gabi and Robert were going for "cloudy, troubling ambiguity" - or maybe "taboo-tweaking provocation"

hamarplazt said...

There were many explicit anti fascists on the german speedcore/noisecore/breakcore scene, but since the music was mostly instrumental, it was only made explicit by titles or cover/label-artwork. Some examples on the top of my head:
(click on the label)

There's a brilliant use of talksamples about surveillance and suppression in nazi germany in the track "Heimatfront" on this:

Also a honorary mention of Mokum and their "United Gabbers against Racism and Fascism" logo.