Tuesday, August 1, 2017

after Omni

also via the Drumtrip post (which is from a few years ago)

some stuff Haigh did in the D&B field after Omni

Black Rain, his parternship with Sean O'Keefe aka Deep Blue aka one of 2 Bad Mice

actually Black Rain was not in fact "after Omni" but a few years before the very last Omni album Rogue Satellite

hello, here's Rob doing the auto-remix (under an alias) move again

Another very late Omni release, is this Cut Out Shapes (Rare and Unreleased) thing that Moving Shadow put out in 2012

This though is an actual "after Omni" Rob Haigh release

as is this

and this

and this

i should really listen to all of them properly, and try to suppress the itch for a breakbeat to come in

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