Thursday, July 7, 2016

Foul Play miscellania

and I thought I knew / had everything by Foul Play

possibly do have this - somewhere - but forgotten its existence:

starts well - but goes a bit soggy in the middle beat-less section - still good to know / have

not everything John + Steve(s) touched was golden

generally their remixes are among the very greatest things in all of jungle / D&B, but there's a few are just decent

now i didn't know of the existence of this track "Neuro Pressure"  so i can honestly say that it didn't influence me coming up with the term neurofunk...

... although it certainly sounds like neurofunk

the flipside still in the chillage zone

after Loop, anything with "Black Sun" as a title gets my interest up...

this is pretty good, a bit Dom & Roland-y, not much to hang onto aurally - amorphous noir atmospherics


couple of others suggested by Droid

i remember that Cutting Edge comp CD and being a bit disappointed by it - feeling it weren't that cutting edge  really - do like the title "Steppers Opera"  by Omni Trio

this tune's pretty good though, got the metallic scuttling scrape-ity breaks - like an egg whisk inside a wok - and then some woody-plinky good xylo-bass

Ah yes and I do remember this other Droid suggestion


droid said...

Beats track was played pretty widely I think, its a DJ favourite. Easy to grab out of the bag and mix out of anything.

droid said...

here's one Id never heard until recently..

droid said...

Ooohh, and this one.

Really have to pick up a few of these, they're cheap as chips.