Saturday, July 2, 2016

absolutely polling

last few days to vote in the Dissensus Jungle poll

Poll organiser Sadmanbarty dropping science on the difference between ardkore and jungle:

Tempo- Jungle's at 160 + whereas hardcore is slower.

Jungle tends to deviate from snare emphasis on the 2 and 4. 

Hardcore uses staccato riffs

Hardcore tends to loop a break in whole bar loops. Jungle chops those breaks up, uses multiple breaks, pitchshift etc.

Not so much chipmunk vocals, mentasm or italo-piano in jungle

I'd also add that low bass is more important in jungle than hardcore. There are a lot of hardcore tracks that don't feature really low bass. This is rare in jungle. 

808 boom bass is very common in jungle and not in hardcore. On the other hand digi-dub bass (reggae bass lines played with synthesised sine waves) are common in hardcore, but rare in jungle.

It's  a blurry line though isn't it


Some things I should have put in my ballot, which stretched the rules by going to 102 selektions

i think it's the remix I preferred / bought

I'd eliminated this one, thinking it was 1996 (the year span is supposed to be 93/94/95), but in fact it qualifies. 

not quite so keen on this continuation of da vybe

love this though - absolutely ripplin'

don't recall ever hearing this tango remix of expressions

there was a period when every Moving Shadow release had bongos and sort of jazzual bass with a played feel to it

but we've strayed far far from jungle here haven't we? 

time to come correct

superpod = dolphin reference, no? one for Lieven Martens! (any relation to Doc?)

those last five are all things that didn't make my cut

can you believe that? a genre so great that those tunes aren't even in the top 102?

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