Tuesday, June 23, 2015

deep(tech) thought(s)

Matt Moore dropped some interesting observations about deep tech in the comments of  an ancient (well, year ago) post here at EnergyFlashblog about deep tech versus nu grime

rather than leave it consigned to the archive I have pulled it forward:

Matt Moore said...
"Discussing Deep Tech / Shuffling with a fellow 40-something UK expat. He noted the Northern Soulish vibe to a lot of the dancing (e.g. knee drops, twirling hands/feet from the elbow/knee joints). He also made a dance comparison with MC Hammer / C&C Music Factory - except for me the dancing is much less exuberant. It feels confined, squashed even. How do you express yourself in an ever shrinking physical, social and economic space?

Music-wise I love the mix of warm and cold - the cavernous bass, the syncopated ticks, the splashes of house vocals. It feels like minimal 2-step, austerity garage? (which is a contradiction in terms but it would make sense for garage's boomtime opulence to be reconfigured for leaner times)."

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