Thursday, June 25, 2015

caught in a trap

Hadn't realised that trap is still rocking the EDM massives, until deejay pal Josiah Schirmacher mentioned it in an email, referring to an artist he likes "working on the odder fringes of festival trap" - Buku, who Siah says is particularly skilled at deploying "pitched vocals"  - pitched up and pitched down 

Quite like that - the undulant, almost tabla-y motion to it  - the rollin' B-line flashing me on jungle-circa-95 but also the 808 boom on Outkast's  The Way You Move’ - also like the looped evil-laughter riff, and the sparkly high-frequency percussion that sounds like triangle or wind-chimes being struck almost -  that belly-dancer mysterious-Orient vocal is some cheesy exotica, though

He also recommends the multilayers of warped vocal samples in these other Buku tunes


Siah-man also sez - worth checking out Buku's label mate Wuki

(what is it with the goofy four-letter/ends-in-vowel vaguely-Eastern sounding names?)

Yes, trap - it's still going, then. 

Something about music today - a high-turnover of micro-genres, but then things just stick around, persisting through half-lives (half-lives that may actually involve more people being into them than when the media / bloggerati paid attention). 

But perhaps this is not a new thing, an internet thing. Same thing happened with drum & Bass. Drum & Bass has now existed for more than four times as long as a shit genre than it did as a hot genre - (18 years versus 4 years).  

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