Thursday, June 11, 2015

91 in 15

via this cool mix S.E.F. has done for House Not House Records

apparently the dude is an ex-member of Black Ops

you can feel some of that Sub Lo clunkiness and clankiness in this track

S.E.F. interviewed about his label Switched On Records here about his very nuum-y journey through music:

"Growing up in London made it easy for me to enter the world of music as I was surrounded by it from early on. I’d always listen to pirate radio and was out seven nights a week. I worked in record shops, promoted events, handed out flyers in the cold and rain, spent all my money on vinyl and equipment....Jungle was something I only ever heard of the radio, I never went to the raves as I was too young. When Garage came along I was still in college, so I was a listener and then a raver when I got old enough to get into parties, rather than being involved in the scene. Gass Club was my first garage rave I think! ... by the time grime came around in the early 2000s I’d bought some decks. I actually started Djing as a bet! ... From there I started playing out quite regularly, with my vinyl in boxes on the night bus, or possibly a cab if I was getting paid enough! ... my productions have a raw, dark and gritty feel to them. I guess grime did have an influence growing up but before that there was garage and jungle which grime was derived from so that’s where the main influences stem from in addition to rap/hip hop 

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