Wednesday, March 4, 2015


"It's like the groove is shaking itself to pieces" - Tim Finney

from this Jay Power 3 hour set, which has some great stretches but overall I found almost too monolithic, too changeless same -  just that pingy bass sound, barely inflected, again and again  - almost like one long moment extended - a juddernaut

in the club, under the influence, the vybe would be omnipotent I'm sure

as an in front of the computer experience, one does somewhat reactionary-ily crave a tad more divertissement and fluctuation

another track Tim F pinpointed, which also caught my ear - Sami Sanchez "Dirty Trumpet" - a funky track from 2010  - brought the craved variety of groove attack!

here's a more recent Jay Power + Perch MC set, less long

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