Wednesday, March 25, 2015

hardcore heroes (#1 of ....)

Hey look, a recent-ish tune by The Mover, or recently released anyway - a free download in 2009


In all honesty I don't know why Marc Acardipane isn't as revered as Jeff Mills, or Drexciya, or Juan Atkins

(Mind you, I think that about a lot of people - like Nebula II, for instance - and others who will be popping up in this Hardcore Heroes series, a potentially interminable series)

I mean -

Minimal? check

Punitive? check

Dark? check

Underground? check

Mystique-shrouded? check

Conceptual / mythopoeic?  check

Hermetic? check

Thematic Consistency? check

Scale of execution / grandeur of vision? check

Acardipane ticks all the boxes for a Techno Auteur Treatment

Which is why I did one, here, some 17 years ago

But right now I'm not going to post any obvious classic Mover-and-aliases tunes  - like "Apocalypse Never" or "We Have Arrived" or "Nighflight (Nonstop to Kaos)" or "Symphonies of Steel" or "Slaves To the Rave" or ... They're all listed in the piece linked.

No, here I'm going to go with ones I've overlooked, mentally filed away, or missed completely. 

There seems to be a whole heap of recent-looking, new-to-me, solid-form Mover releases in the classic 90s vein.

Like this next one - which I think is absolutely terrific. A front-rank Acardipane killachoon.

That riff - like fog come alive, fog on the attack

Then there's this...

Trancecore - a bit of a pander to the hardstyle massive, maybe. Gotta love that Coltrane-twisting title though.

Back to the classic era, the latter phase of which ("Jupiter Pulse" etc) when it gets "ambient gabba"-like.

Another oldie but goodie:

Atmospheric this one, perhaps erring somewhat in that direction even:

Never so keen on the ones where he wheels out the 303, although the quality control is steady.

Probably own this but don't remember it....

A stealthy pummel, a  morose (art of) stalker - and a good groaner of a title:

KNEEL before the majesty!

Respect, finally, from the techgnoscenti - an album for Tresor, in 2003 if i recall. A little tempered by the context of "seriousness", but excellent. And his way with a title abides...

I could go on and on, posting tunes... he's made hundreds.

What's this? A tribute to the Mover? Well deserved. Couldn't say if it's well executed  (not had a chance to listen yet) but it's the thought that counts, eh?

Another piece by me on Acardipane  (plus the Horrorist)

Great Q/A with The Mover in Alien Underground / Datacide from 1995

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