Wednesday, December 12, 2012

yes well that's very entertaining but how does it actually work? that's what i wanna know...

"digital love" flickers into his extemporisation there (was that actually in the song "Computer Love" itself? I can't remember)

interviewed Troutman once, roundabout the time this clip is from, and he did not disappoint, oh no, not one bit...

i seem to remember he said that the talk box tube could "get a bit smelly"

ah detailed explanation how the talk box works here

 we all know about Frampton but here's an earlier clip

Fox borrowed the idea (from Frampton i imagine) for "S-S-S-Single Bed" -- the solo in the middle, not Noosha although she doesn't sound natural, does she

here's a tutuorial from a guitar dude


Anonymous said...

Fox. Goldfrapp.

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