Sunday, December 16, 2012


(via julian weber)

that's a fierce little tune

more from that EP

that one's kind of fun, in a Todd Terry manque kind of way

and this is sort of Brooklyn bleep

not sure about these

yeah i've heard the Bones Breaks EPs cited as an under-acknowledged step on the path towards jungle, but seems like they had a good ways to go before getting there - the real BREAKthrough was yet to come (SUAD? urban shakedown?)

certainly there were hell of a lot of those records made....  i picked up a bunch, retrospectively, but even at their moment of salience they  must have been very DJ-toolsy, valuable grist for the mix-mill at a certain season around the cusp of Eighties / Nineties, but not something you'd really play outside that context, all the way through... and certainly not half-a-decade after the moment's passed. or now indeed.

the added charm now is the patina of age, and how that's exposed just how underproduced they were, even more starkly apparent compared with today's digital-audio-workstationed tracks... the effect really  is similar to how mid-60s garage punk must have seemed to most people looking back from inside the 24 track studio = norm mentality of early 70s


and then this one, i saw in the youtube side-bar, and include just for the title

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