Monday, December 10, 2012

got back into this dude in a big way

should say dude + his mate Max in the case of "Reblop"

heard this next one for the first time in a long time -  in Luxembourg of all places -  and just fell 

mein host's flat in Lux is also where i reheard Re: ECM

had to go buy it, and, hardly surprising, it sounds about 1000 better as CD than as a MP3  (Marky F has also been singing its praises in my ear-hole at Incubate, after the Raime set, now I remember)

(people who complained about Re; ECM being "too background-y" are inane in the membrane)

made me finally buy this one too -- yes, rather late in the day, but I "had" it already of course -- as a crappy emp(t)ee free

 and then had to get the new one and all (nice write-up by mikey P there)

that'll take a bit of digesting that will

it's audio trickle, as Woebot termed the mnml /microhaus aesthetic a while back and disparagingly so to boot -- but as tricklers go, Villalobos is one of the few very where the trickle actually has an organic, natural-world feel  .. an as-if-analogue grain... and reading the Re: ECM sleevenote that seems to be the game-plan, the goal... to achieve that kind of 'breathing' sound 

to get synths and digitalia to actually trickle, that takes some doing

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