Friday, September 3, 2010

"We R Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

now am I right in thinking this rai song, released on Factory Records wouldyabelieve it, in 1987, is the source for the sample in "We Are I.E." by Lennie D. Underground?

I remember watching something on TV-- years and years ago this was -- or it might have been one of Joy's old videocassettes collating MTV bits and bobs and cable music shows and such she'd taped back in the Eighties, when YouTube didn't exist and left field music video was sporadic and hen's teeth scarce... and in fact now I think about it I'm increasingly certain it would have been some imported-to-US, belated showing of episodes of Snub TV* (this indie-and-esoteric music show of the late Eighties, linked to The Catalogue and Rough Trade Distribution if I recall correctly).... at any rate Factory's video for "N'Sel Fik" came on and well it was quite the sample epiphany rush indeed, doubled by memor-E rush of those eadstrong ardcore days....

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