Monday, September 6, 2010

a brand new instalment of the series "And They Say There's No Such Thing As the Hardcore Continuum!"

instalment #10

From interview with Geeneus on the occasion of Rinse FM's 16th Birthday

Interviewer: Out of all the genres that you’ve supported, which has been the most important?

Geeneus: They’ve all been important. They’re all one scene, it just keeps transforming and mutating. It’s like garage turning into grime, which also turned into dubstep, then turned into house and funky. It’s all from the same train of music. It’s part of something called the ‘hardcore continuum’... I’ve read about it. The ongoing underground scene keeps moving and the names keep getting changed but it’s all the same thing over and over.


Unknown said...

So when are we going to talk about Future Garage?


when it gets to have some "future" in it, i guess