Monday, September 6, 2010

next instalment of the series "And They Say There's No Such Thing As the Hardcore Continuum!"

instalment #3

from Dan Hancox's review of Ikonika's debut album in the National, April 2010

"The world of late-period ­electronic music is a diffuse and diverse place. Predominantly based in London, but with satellite centres in such multicultural provincial cities as Bristol and Manchester, Britain is, however, its fastest-moving and most ­influential outpost. From breakbeat hardcore through drum and bass, UK garage, grime and ­dubstep, its changing genre names, ­fluctuating tempos, and ­associated cultural tropes are endless, not to mention endlessly fascinating. One thing all these forms share, though, is a gift for absorbing sonic ideas from far afield, incubating them, and eventually ­exporting them back to the rest of the globe."

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