Saturday, May 27, 2023

toytown tekno ? of ?

 Well, that's me run out of toytown tekno examples!

I thought there was a huge wave of this stuff, but I could only think of seven in total. 

Surely, I'm missing something obvious. 

There must be loads more - after all, it was presented, at the time, as some kind of scourge - like there was this lemming-like legion of post-"Charly" imitators ripping off kids's TV themes from the 1970s and 1980s, destroying  the rave scene with their regressive inanity. 

Any suggestions? 

(There's probably quite a few gabba examples, and possibly some happy hardcore ones, but I'm thinking really of that UK moment '91 / '92)


hamarplazt said...

I can recall at least a couple of german toytown tracks - though not very good ones, admittedly. One of them was even based on Sesame Street as well:
The other on Pippi Longstocking:
Arguably Marushas "Over the Rainbow" cover, though that was a couple of years later:
I don't know if this qualifies:
It is based on an old racist childrens song, but the feel is very different from the usual toytown silliness. Which was otherwise very much a part of TTTs image:

in ate said...

Toytown Jungle Techno....?

Karl Trask said...

I don't think this one has been covered?

Urban Hype - A Trip To Trumpton


Oh we have Trip to Trumpton, it's early in the sequence

I came across another track that has Trumpton samples

More toytown tekno to come in a few days

Thirdform said...

there isn't much of it because early dance music positionality and chronicling was based on the balearic continuum which only really discovered techno around 92-93. Someone like weatherall atoned for his sins later, but only later. Otherwise what reinforced were doing around 91-92 is basically breakbeat techno (I.E: 6techno made by hip producers, not europhiles.) In fact I believe in certain places like Hamburg they called early ardkore breakbeat techno, well, according to Finn Johannsen at any rate.

there's a toytown version of the beatles if you really want to go look for it under the Obviously High moniker but it's fucking shit, makes Trumpton sound like Masters at Work.

Thirdform said...

hip hop producers, not hip producers, not sure why that got mangled! But actually I like it, cos in a way the ravers were hip in a way the dizzi heights mandem were not.