Saturday, July 17, 2021

the fantastical things that Canby done with electronic sound


Reading the liner note essay in an old Tod Dockstader CD reissue, I came across this chap Edward Tatnall Canby - among many other things, an early proponent of electronic music.  

Dockstader was one of the composers Canby played on his show for the public radio station WYNC. 

Here below are archived shows from the 1960s in which Canby genially guided listeners into the alien world of musique concrete and electronic music.

Apparently Canby also played, during these shows, some of his own experiments with electronic music - now that's something I'd like to hear.

Canby was also an audiophile and hi-fidelity expert. And he wrote a book about the history of electricity. 

Here he goes deep into the specifics of a then new kind of tape - chrome 

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