Thursday, July 1, 2021


Man like Pearsall he say: 

"On July 1st 2021 my good friend Vali NME Click is dropping the pre-orders for the epic 'Message from the Parazone' on @parallaxrecordings, a monster four disc album featuring the best and brightest artists from the modern breakbeat hardcore / jungle scene. To celebrate this momentous event, Vali asked me to put together a retrospective of the label so far, so I've come up with this mix, which picks out at least one track from each of the releases so far, covering both the old skool re-releases as well as the new skool exclusives. Enjoy!"

taste for the compilation:

"Eyes to the´s getting closer! This is the 12" sampler that will advance the 4x12" 'Message To The Parazone' album to celebrate the 5th birthday and 10th release of Parallax Recordings.

"The 4-tracker gives an insight into what to expect from the album and offers a wide range of styles: It opens with the dark and mystic 170-groover 'Horizons' by ScanOne. It´s followed by the raw, dubby, Amen-led Dead Man´s Chest Remix of 'Rhodiola'. Originally part of the Subaquatic EP by Tim Reaper it was a collabo with dutch Yorobi and is turning heads in various sets at the moment. On the flip InnerCore slaps us with 'Turbo Sound', an alarming ravey Hardcore beast that will make you jump off your seat and bust shapes in your bedroom. The dark lord FX rounds off the EP in his trademark dark style that only he can do so easily. 'Dark Shadows' is a pitch-black monster with racing, relentless Amens and the evilest mentasms. You don´t want to miss this. "

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