Thursday, June 24, 2021



Now here was I imagining that twas Beaumont Hannant  wot invented the word "texturology", which I nicked for Energy Flash

But no!

Enlightenment comes, appropriately enough, from David Toop (via a Facebook post)

It was Jean Dubuffet, back in the late '50s 

"Dubuffet invented various techniques to portray soil in a series of paintings called ‘Texturologies’. For this work [The Exemplary Life of the Soil (Texturology LXIII) 1958 - above], he adapted the ‘Tyrolean’ technique, used by stone masons to texture newly plastered walls. Dubuffet shook a brush over the painting, which was laid on the floor, to scatter tiny droplets of paint across the surface. His intention was to give an ‘impression of teeming matter, alive and sparkling, which I could use to represent soil, but which could also evoke all kinds of indeterminate textures, and even galaxies and nebulae’." - The Tate

Not part of the Texturology series but called "Brutal Beauty" -  a title which again sounds techno but this time more punisher-beatz hardcore Orbit / Final Frontier vibes - or gabber-esque  - or a bit Perc

"Spinning Round"

more Beaumont including one from the Tastes and Textures EP 

Texturology makes me think of this particular gambit of Aphex Twin's 


Tim 'Space Debris' said...

G'day Simon

I just love Jean Dubuffet! I only discovered him 13 or 14 years ago. Reading books on him, I just assumed you and Beaumont Hannant were across his art too.

Wow now these cds of his will be in the box most dusty at my flat/studio/storage solution/den of iniquity but I guess there's no need for a visit there today as I can just internet.

Didn't he give up all this magnificence to perplexingly join an indie band. I never heard any of that. Did you?

I do however like how some artists draw a line and say "Well I've explored and conquered that creative zone. Next!"

You know, Picasso never revisited his blue period did he?

I can't help but wonder what Beaumont is up to now. Something creative I would assume but then again me and Emma always like to entertain the delightful scenario of "Maybe they're working in a suburban shoe shop!" Which is what I assumed Anita Lane was doing in Malvern in Melbourne until she died recently and I found out she was living the good life after marrying into wealth. I much preferred my Malvern shoe shop fantasy because imagine if you found yourself in that shop one day and she fitted you for some nifty new sneakers!

I'm sure I read yesterday that Curt Smith of Tears For Fears now runs a landscaping company. These lifestyle changes I find fascinating. I think because these aren't the musicians who say "Well I can't do anything else, can I?." Which I've always found defeatist and somewhat lacking in human endeavour.

The other story I like, like this is that of Michael Winner film director extraordinaire who just packed it in and became even more famous as a food critic. Is that right? I hope so.

Anyway listening to Beaumont Hannant whilst writing this by the fire on pain-killaz has been an absolute delight.

So thanks mate.


no I never knew it was Dubuffet that came up with the term - and in fact I've never really got to grips with his work

have vaguest memory that Vini Reilly is a fan

what musicians go on to do is fascinating subject

i was just reading up on Bruce Dickinson on account of his Brexit support and then discovering that this has fucked things up for British musicians wanting to play in Europe

a man of multi-talents - writer of comic fiction - learned to fly airplanes to professional standard and when he rejoined Iron Maiden, he flew the group's customised Boeing airplane when they toured. which sounds a bit knackering on top of having to front the group

i often worry about musicians and what they have to do make ends meet, seems like you can come out of years of graft with not much to show for it.