Saturday, June 5, 2021

sample spotting saddo 2 (bits of Slits)


tiny tiny snippet o' Slits whizzes by in this - "silence is a rhythm too"

A bigger chunk o' Ari in this one 

from the start of the Cut version of "Love und Romance" which I can't seem to find on YouTube


Jim said...

This MBM is a personal favourite use of the slits Babylon sample Whilst arguably birthing hardcore with radio babylon the lyrics seem to be a comment on the shallowness/emptiness of rave culture. Such a beautiful song, gives me goosebumps every time.


Ah! never heard that one before

Also a snippet of Dudley Moore's "Bedazzled" score in there

(Unless my memory's failing me I used to live with the guy who did MBM's publicity - seem to remember CDs of their stuff lying around the living room - and this guy was obsessed, OBSESSED, with Bedazzled O/S/T and at a time when it was out of print and v. hard to come by, he managed to get a copy of some kind of test-press of it that had been held onto by the studio engineer, who was now hawking it through the back pages of Record Collector or somesuch magazine. So Adrian, my flatmate, got hold of it. This is well before the MBM tune though - i wonder if it's at all possible, he hipped Mr Dangers to it...)

"Radio Babylon" - I suppose there's a low rumblin' reggae bassline and a looped breakbeat, plus the wonderful vocal eruption from Cheryl Lyn 'Encore- but somehow it doesn't quite add up to prophecy-of-hardcore. A bit lumbering. Not that manic E-frenzy feel. Although I know DJ Hype cites "Babylon" as foundational. But to my ears it's more coming from the same place as Renegade Soundwave or Depthcharge. These sort of convergences across On U Sound into UK-style rap-less breaks / DJ cut-up across industrial - seemed to happen all over the map in those late '80s / first year or so of '90s. Good tune though.

Jim said...

In this interview JD actually mentions being directly inspired by the first depth charge 12” for Radio Babylon