Saturday, November 21, 2020

a bloke, or a beam?

The title seemed wonderfully mysterious.... I used to think, "is it meant to suggest the track is like a beam - a sonic laser beam -  a ray that zaps you and sends you into a voodoo trance?"

Then I thought, "actually perhaps it's a nickname or an alias... 'm'name's Voodoo Ray!'", "that's Voodoo Ray, e's a legend!", "watch out for that Voodoo Ray, a dodgy geezer". 

(Accidental or unconscious echo of  Velvet Underground, "Sister Ray" maybe. Or Suicide, "Mr Ray" )   

Voodoo Ray - a drug dealer,  a "here comes the nice" / "Mr Pharmacist"  kind of personage. Ebeneezer Goode even.    

Voodoo Ray - a shaman. Pagan mystic. 

Voodoo Ray - someone who's done too many trips and gone doolally. A lost-eyed casualty. Bit cracked in the head. Babbles on about cosmic paranoia type stuff.  

The reality is, as everybody knows by now, I'm sure, that the end of the word got cut off the sample. Track should have been called "voodoo rage". And in fact did become "Voodoo Rage" again,  in a drum-and-bass era refix

the source, endlessly amusing on many levels, being this sketch about white Brit bourgeois and their projections onto black music. 

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