Tuesday, May 19, 2020

son of donk

a bloke on Twitter jests, "don't tell Simon Reynolds about this lot"

so of course I had to check them out didn't I

Bradford's finest - Bad Boy Chiller Crew

"we get more gash than you've had warm dinners"

warm dinners? why not hot?

the return of donk, isn't it

except on t'other sound of Pennines

well, the sound is not donk - the sound is bassline, but less rococo in the bass-wibble department than peak-2007 bassline  - here serving as unflashy functional backdrop to the, ah, textual effusions of the Crew....

but everything else about the BBCC reminds me of the Blackout Crew - the fast flows, the clothes, the complexions, the ah thematics

it's not just the BBCC, there's a whole scene of this stuff in Bradford 

it's like hyperlocalism, or micro-regionalism - the lads are stars in their hometown, can't walk around the city centre without getting stopped 

apparently their management has plans to take them national and have been holding back for some kind of proper release - but i daresay the virus lockdown  put a spanner in those works

unfamiliar with the term "charva" - the internet says it's a Geordie word -   the BBCC wield it as an inverted insult, a reclaimed stereotype - "chav and proud of it"

Getting a bit rap'n'B / trapoTune

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