Monday, May 4, 2020

DJ Records

those girls seemingly plucked from the pages of iD and turned into a style-bible cartoon

that wonderful video / tune, although not actually part of the phenom, led to me that little spate of records in 87-88 that  - while congruent with / shoved in with the house acieed moment -  were really hip hop in methodology: kinetic collages of samples (sampling not being something you got that much of in house, outside of Todd Terry, and certainly not sampling-as-citation / recognisable quote)

"DJ records" they called them

Sort of hip-house - but rarely with any rapping element (unlike your Doug Lazy etc type records)

More iD/ Face fashion-spread images sprung to life.

Loved that one in particular. Interviewed Mark Moore of S'Express around the next record and mentioned "Hey Music Lover" as a fave and said "you were going for a Sly Stone vibe with that right?" And he gave a little sly smile and said "yeah, that's what we were going for". Of course I realised much later, it's a Sly and the Family Stone cover - part of a medley of music-celebrating songs on Dance to the Music.

in a way, a root of hardcore - but also of big beat

e.g. Norm's early effort - preFatboy

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