Sunday, March 1, 2020


sluggish snakes of Roland 303 battle it out with an encroaching fog of Roland Alpha Juno 2 aka The Mentazm Sound

off the Tranztechno EP 1991

Tranztechno - a year or two before the word 'trance' takes off

And the sound anticipates the 303-resurgence sound of "Hardtrance Acperience" (gruesome pun which i only just fully got - acid experience / acperience)  and the wave that came after Hardfloor (another painful pun although I should talk really)

rest of the EP not as compelling as "Acid Pandemonium"

This other top tune by Mundo Muzique is completely different in vibe but lovely

"Mentasm" is why Edmundo Perez deserves eternal fame, and while Beltram tends to get the credit - with the exception of "Energy Flash", he never made anything on his own nearly as a good or as consequential as the Second Phase track - so perhaps Perez was the secret sauce, the potentiating extra dose

Then there's the track that Ed and Joe made with Richie

the Plus 8 stuff was smack in the middle between hardcore and trance - did the sear/surge thing well - somehow i never find myself digging it out

but remember being shook by this when i first heard it

now it sounds a bit slow,it seemed really fast and punishing in 91

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