Sunday, March 8, 2020

a sample in the dark

what are the songs sampled in this? cos there's a lot of soundbites and good vocal licks

- "ain't it wild?"
- "legal-shun" (that's what it sounds like to me)
- "but criminal" or "buck criminal" (sounds like Public Enemy to me)
- "wrath of the psychopath" (presumably from Lords of the Underground "Psycho"?)
- "wake up" or "waco"

the top one is my favorite mix but these remixes good too

Two other killer tunes on the same EP makes this Hype's counterpart to Rufige Cru Darkrider EP

These tunes forever associated for me with this electrifying life-shaking moment of pirate madness, where both appear with the Ras Project "Walking in the Air" Aled Jones sampling tune in the  middle

Now, what's that track about 20 minutes in with the "why don't you give a little love" lover's rock entreaty sample?

The Trooper EP and Remixes are good enuff i spose -  remember feeling slightly disappointed when I heard them (after "Shot"/Weird Energy"/Can't Understand" )...

So this is my other fave Hypechoon of around this time

And perhaps even more so in the Johnny Jungle remix version off of The Joint.

The Joint might actually be my favorite ever jungle compilation -  partly to do with it coming out just as I was getting to grips with the landscape of the scene, not long after I made contact with both Moving Shadow and Suburban Base

I like the strength-in-numbers idea of pooling resources to do a compilation together:  the scene still very much the underdog and outcast, banished to the shadows, trying to get attention

The Joint II wasn't nearly as good, or as special a moment, and around that time, or a little earlier maybe,  Moving Shadow had done its own far superior comp Renegade Selector Series 1, on its Re-Animate sublabel.

Now that actually might be the best jungle comp ever, track for track

Even better than superb Drum and Bass, Selection 1 - Suburban Base's equivalent go-it-alone-again move (and on their own compilation sub-label Breakdown) although it's a close run thing

But back to Hype... there was much more greatness to come .... "Roll the Beatz"... "Computerise"...
"You Must Think First"... ...  "Rinse Out"... the "RIP" remix


Charlie w said...

Teego - plenty lovin (straight from the bedroom)

Also love this piece of soulstep from Hype

ian_s said...

The samples are from Psycho and from Public Enemy - Hazy Shade Of Criminal.

droid said...

The 'legal shot' sample from the intro must be from a soundclash, refers to an officially approved gunshot (often from a cop) in the dance calling for a forward.


thanks, brain trust!