Wednesday, December 11, 2019

King George the Immense

George, as in Kelly, as in Sacred, as in Creator of the Greatest Jungle Tekno Song of All and Ever Time

Eyes rolling back in the head bizniz

"Call me a star watch me shine" - almost faint at that bit.

I'm sure he picked the name Sacred because he knew he was a vessel for the divine

Well, I did not know this, but fancy that -  George Kelly was the promoter of Thunder & Joy - one of my favorite jungle clubs, right in the middle of London, mere steps away from Centrepoint -

"Thunder and joy" always struck me as vaguely Baptist or Pentecostal in vibe, or redolent of the "shocks of mighty" idea in rootsifarian reggae.

George put out quite a few other Sacred tracks ("Call Da Cops" was good, nothing quite reaches the heights of "Do It Together" though) and he had  a bunch of alter-egos:

In Groups:

One of these days I'll have to do the full auteur-y trawl through them.

GK also ran the Grand Larceny label (who had School of Hard Knocks among others) which spun off Paragon Recordings (which had Skyjoose -  who later went dark-garage as Skycap of "Endorphins" renown).

A solid pedigree, a significant contribution, a well-nummy throughline ...

But from where I sit, just based on Thunder & Joy, and that one towering colossal record "Do It Together", you'd have to say that George Kelly was a world-historical figure

Where is he now?

Talking of throughlines...

That's why they call it a continuum, folks! pt 3949506

Mad remix of unknown provenance and status


Charlie W said...

ian_s said...

He's one of those people who seemed to completely disappear (see DJ Massive). I have no idea what he looks like, what his opinion on is on anything, have never seen an interview with him or any online presence.


interesting how some stuck with the music as it became D&B and are lifers like andy c, hype etc

and others fucked off and did something else - perhaps some other kind of entreprise - and left behind this small body of work and absolute mystery