Saturday, December 7, 2019

diamond rings

one of the first big batch of house tunes i picked up  - in NYC, a time where a dance record store might have hip hop all up one wall and house all up the other

loved the distraught male vocals, and the duetting discarded lovers of the cold-hearted Donnie  - "yeah man, she ain't even give me the chance to give her what i wanted to give her!!!!"

later sampled in this


Eoghan said...

Also in this DJ Rashad track:

Spiro said...

And further sampled in this super squelchy bassline/niche track which carries on from where X-Presidents leaves off:

DnD - Diamond Rings (Range Rover Dub)

tbh I thought this was from around 2006/7 because it appeared on that ubiquitous Sound Of Bassline compilation that every self respecting 17 year old had at that time (myself included), but Discogs tells me it was from 2002. Quite an interesting record I think, because while its squelchy bass modulations presage the super technical bass science that would occur with bassline in the mid 2000s, it's comparatively primitive bass tones and general air of paranoid minimalism actually remind me more of acid house and the dark jack tracks of "Donnie" 's era.

Ian Saunders said...

Sampled on loads of stuff, especially the "I can't quite understand" vocal

Nookie - Celebrate Life
Subliminal Aurra - I Can't Understand
Dubb Hustlers - Can't Quite Understand
Original DJ Vibes - I Can't Understand
DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Plane
Cru-L-T - Cloudy Surface