Sunday, November 3, 2019

Westchester circles

borrows a lick from

also fragments from

"Circles" = one of the twin towers of Adam F discography

the other is this

the rest eludes my memory - what am I missing?


Charlie w said...

And I always loved F-jam (not the mc Conrad version). I know it's muzacky, but it's done with such confidence and style that it works.

joebloggs said...

you're missing this one

Pearsall said...

This was a pretty classic bit of '95 jungle: Lighter Style

From the album, Jaxx was a vintage bit of noisy techstep.

joebloggs said...

I do recall Photek quoted in an interview at the time complaining about the fact that Jaxx sounded not unlike Jah The Seventh Seal / Saint Angel etc off of Timeless, which I think he helped engineer. (I think in the same interview Adam F spoke about how influenced he had been by the LP to be fair; also some of the strings on The Tree Knows Everything etc are Timeless-esque.)