Monday, November 25, 2019


sometimes i think could listen to this for ever

it is a higher order of creativity than this, isn't it - no getting around it

but then again is this

a higher order of creativity than this?

that's where it gets sticky


C J said...

Nah, no worries, the 10cc has a different charm, fun, funky and goofy. Heard the other sampled song before, Badu is a clever thief, distinctive and blase.

C J said...

The Dilla mix is lovely though. /////////

Eliora said...

I spent my teens listening to Bad Boy in the 90s and now find on relistening that there's very little worthwhile creatively. Biggie can rap but the production is really one note.


yeah the Dilla song is fantastic, i was disconcerted though when i heard the 10cc and how much of "Workinonit" actually comes from "Worst Band"

Spiro said...

Workinonit is incredible! It almost reminds me of a more dazed, psychedelic kind of big beat - late 90s Fatboy Slim or Bentley Rhythm Ace, who decided to sack off the beers and opt for LSD instead!