Friday, May 10, 2019

never felt this way never felt this way never felt this way never felt this way (piano science X vocal science)

plus a little bit of guitar science


That "Welcome to the Jungle" lick - a nice jokey reference to the emergent genre of jungle tekno? But it's not a particularly jungle-anticipating tune. I think they just liked the lick - which is wonderfully clean and airy and crisply serrated.

here's the hyper remix from The Forbidden Planet EP

and another remix from the same EP

in both cases slightly messing with the aint-broke perfection of the original

Knew that tune for years, off of some comp or other

But never knew that the same vocal lick was used by Man like Trace

and also by Naughty Naughty

well it's more or less a rewrite, a replica - naughty, naughty!

tuff little version though

But who was this Jem 77 then?

They had quite a large discography

This is a really cool tune

The other two tunes from The Forbidden Planet EP

"Eruption" particularly has a really nice crisp rolling beat and enjoy the throwback-to-bleep pulse. And then some more guitar - not as scimitar-slick thrilling as the one in "Never Felt That Way".

Was one of the group actually a budding rock guitarist?

Seemingly, judging by this tune, which has a promising synthy oscillator riff, but then slips into an almost back-to-baggy midtempo breaks groove, with not-great singing, and yes some more guitar licksmanship. i suppose not so much baggy as simply breakbeat house 90-91 style.

Apparently they fled the scene and tried to go progressive house

One day I shall return to investigate the nooks and crannies of Jem 77's hardcore discography

But for now, one more time, "Never Felt This Way", what sounds like a slightly more  echo-ey mix, or possibility just a faithful transcription from the vinyl, not sure.

Love that doubling / spasming of the diva-lick at 2.35 - pure  E-lectrocution!


Unknown said...

One half of Jem 77 was Joel Bogan - Toyah Wilcox's guitarist in the 80s.

Maybe not the first to sample 'Welcome To The Jungle' as Wishdokta had a sample of it for 'Evil Surrounds Us'.


no way - fascinating Toyah fact!

yeah the Wishdokta has the Axl Rose "do you know where you are? you're in the JUNGLE baby" vocal lick doesn't it