Friday, April 12, 2019

teachers x 2

It's like Energy Flash (orig. edition) 's discography turned into a tune.

Like the Dissensus National Anthem

well at least until they start listing all the dubstep names ;) 

Itself a homage to a homage of course

Via this interesting interview with Logos

stop press 4/13/2019

Stefan K in the comments directs my attention to this tune by DJ SS that is paying nuff respeck to the hardcore soldiers of the present (or are they all people on Formation?)  - so not quite the same thing but amazing tune

there is at least one other example of this, like a run-out 5th track on an EP type thing which is just shout-outs to people on the scene.

on the SS Breakbeat Pressure Part 1 EP there is another tune called "A Little More Respect" - can't find it on YouTube

ha ha, while trying to find "A Little More Respect" on the internet, what should turn up but a Mumdance mix that starts with "Respect to the Following" and goes into "A Little More Respect"

but only a tiny bit of each


Stefan Kraus said...

Reminds me a bit of this DJ SS track from late '92.

Difference however is, the DJ SS track is contemporary praisal of the prime movers (or let's say, part of it)


wow Stefan that's amazing - how come i didn't about this tune?

or perhaps i did and forgot - it's amazing / terrifying how much I once knew and i've forgotten!

love that hard-coooooor refrain with the wobbly vowel sound!!