Friday, November 16, 2018

slammige cru (let us now praise Lee and Michael)

tuff tune, with delicious proto-vocal-science of that elf-girl gurgle at 0.57 seconds and passim

heard while making my way through the Leaving Earth list of rave LPs

from the good old days when "techno" didn't promise hair shirt longeurs and triple turntable tedium -  when techno banged, slammed, kicked (and even shoveled, now and then!)...  when a tune might actually contain, well, a tune -  as opposed to just a grackling sound and a nail-gun beat

GTO -  another example of the  personnel and sonix flow between industrial and techno

Started as Greater Than One, than proliferated under a thousand aliases, in multiple modes of slammige - bleep, hard techno, near-trance, jungle-ish, gabba

tearin' tune - B-line like concrete liquifying  (as the Man like Me said once upon a time)

another version

fame at last


Ian_s said...

Sonic Food - People Of Rhythm

The Melody - I Want Your Love

Mangrove - Perfect Harmony

I think these now just get reclassified as hard house or progressive house, in the same way as any tune that features a breakbeat is now classed as jungle -unless if contains a chipmunk vocal, then it's happy hardcore - which leads people to get a bit uppity when I class early Rufige Kru tracks (Believe, Menace) as happy hardcore.

Sorry, personal bugbear there - the relabelling of old music to make it acceptable to play


"Believe" is happy hardcore, it's true.

"Menace", i dunno - it's something else

perhaps the distinction worth making is:

There's hardcore that is happy, that includes happiness as a component, alternating with ruffer or darker passages.

Then there's "happy hardcore" (more narrow, more fixated, more of a tunnel-vision direction - the tracks don't contain any dark elements, any veers off into rugged minimalism)

hardcore that is happy would include DJ Vibes "Obsession (Music's So Wonderful)" (it has some shades of 'dark' in it)

happy hardcore would be everything else Vibes did (probably - not done an exhaustive inventory!)