Friday, November 2, 2018

just 4 u london

that tune and the two videos got me thinking about the tradition within the nuum of songs about London or repping for specific bits of London - here's a backwards lineage  (suggestions of flagrant omissions please) where it's either in the title, the main vocal lick, or in the lyrics

(late addition via Sadmanbarty)



"Love for the London Streets" is the title and vocal lick of this 2 Wisemen tune

(with Stamp Crew, wait for the vocal lick at 47 seconds in and repeatedly after)

intro to this ruffhouse monsta divides the city into four quadrants and hails them all

missing in this london patriotism lineage are contributions from two significant phases - I couldn't think of a deep tech or a funky anthem that references london or london massive or even a specific area of the city ... is that because both styles were already succumbing to digi-era delocalisation? Funky if it references anywhere at all it would be a vague Africa. And deep tech is the least London-y of all these sounds.

prehistory to the nuum's London-love

postscript: a suggestion of the illustrious Selectabwoy

perhaps slightly outside the lineage


a funky example, from man in the comments

dissensus bods suggestions (ta lads)


Selectabwoy said...

Nice idea. Where's the UK hip-hop though? Dettwork Southeast has to be in there!


yeah i thought i would keep it hardcore-continuumy, but i suppose by including road rap and UK drill in the reckoning then perhaps i should have it at the start, as part of the prehistory or the parallel lines

then again i wouldn't include "London Acid City" cos that Liberator squat-acid scene was something else altogether - something i'd admired from a distance for its spirit, rather than would ever wanna listen to

Tommy S said...

UK funky example;