Monday, October 29, 2018

Miller time

a surprisingly faithful cover that gives the (fuck me is it really 40 years old? yes it is) song a digimax-shiny big BIG sound that's totally now

rather like the odd loping almost-breakbeat in the background, the least faithful bit of the rendition (the voice is very close to Daniel M's in its accent and phrasing)

yet for all that ultimately it is inexplicably unexciting

or should I say, explicably unexciting?

because trying to be soul-less and machinic just like in the Good Old Days is as empty and pointless a procedure as Adelle trying to be soulful and human just like in the Good Old Days...

ah this dude Fixmer is in a collaboration with the vocalist from Nitzer Ebb, who in the late Eighties already seemed decidedly behind the times with their DAF tribute act

That said, they were a very entertaining and committed live band, the Ebb - saw them rock a stage  hard at the Fridge in Brixton

What a load of Krupps, eh?

Did they secretly wish to title the album That Totalitarian Age?

"don't be lazy!"

sinewy, sweaty and shouty - a work aesthetic

aha of course of course

here's me on Mute and its story and legacy, recently, here


here's me on industrial dance music from 1991 but with no mention of the Ebb I don't think

here's me on Front 242 from around about the same time

it's coming back big time, the EBM / industrial-for-discos thing, apparently - and hey, this Holly Dicker piece from Resident Advisor takes the Ebb anthem "Join in the Chant" for its title!

of the other groups in this area, I was quite taken with Consolidated, because of their unusual strident Leftism, and with KMFDM, for reasons I can't remember. I'm not sure which was the album I kidded myself into thinking was worthy of a feature at Melody Maker - the one with this Carl Orff sample?

if they'd just pushed a little bit further, they could have been T99!

but the beat really is like jackboots

Skinny Puppy, we were all enamored with at MM - well, my crew anyway

But I found that you only needed one or two - perhaps just one - Skinny Puppy album in your life

Live, they were an endurance test

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