Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Akron Techno

1980  - easily as advanced as what Cybotron were doing, possibly more advanced.

This one has real drums on (the shuffle bit in the title, no doubt) and therefore suggests Heldon and DAF more than Detroit or electro.

These three are slightly more trad analog-synth epic style but impressively bombastic and gloom-doomy.

Who was this Denis DeFrange dude then?

He has six tracks on the Akron-Cleveland compilation Bowling Balls From Hell (on the electro-redolently named label Clone, but in fact started by Ohio quirkwavers the Bizarros) and five of them are above ("Pyrenees" isn't on YouTube for some reason. I have it though - starts very impressively with lugubrious vapors over ruined planet type intro but then turns into a rather slight, brightly chattering synth interlude).

But apart from that, no trace of anything else!


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