Thursday, February 15, 2018


But where oh where is the fourth track on this "e" EP Analyser -  "NGC 891"? Named possibly after either the Edgar Froese track off of Aqua (which it may well sample from, who knows?). Or after the "edge-on unbarred spiral galaxy" that the Froese track is named after....

The great missing mystery tune by "e" - also rendered as 'E' apparently - is at the start of this pirate session...

"sounds of 'e'! - coming atcha!!!!"

After many years of loving that mistreee choon, I stumbled across the origin of the samples in it - Pink Floyd! I had called it a "Little Black Disc With Me Tune On It" after the main vocal lick - that's what I scrawled on the cassette.  But that bit's also taken from Pink Floyd - s a twist on the bit in The Wall that goes "I've got a little black book with me poems in it".

Another "e" tune getting a bit intelligent techno-y

And that's it for "e" as far as YouTube is concerned.

Actually I tell a lie...

"e" did some acid tracks back in 1988 - for a compilation called Blast the Joint.

This early 'E' also did a track entitled "E"

Not to be confused with Mr E

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