Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cox rox

Triffic mix made by Pearsall in tribute to Carl Cox, involving some insanely obsessive forensic process of combing through the tracklists of the big man's hardcore-era sets to establish his ultimate tunes. The result is, as Pearsall puts it, "a kind of ‘platonic ideal of rave-era Carl Cox’ mix"

Release rationale / methodology explained here

Apart from this obvious classic - 

- I've never really clicked with Carl Cox before I must admit. Not sure if I ever caught him as deejay - if I did, clearly it didn't leave any impressions. And his own releases have bypassed me. Especially when he'd left behind rave-rave-rave for a sort of Muzik-middlezone techno sound

But this mix - indirectly - convinces me I missed something.  Now to search out some of Cox's own sets from the hardcore heyday.

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