Friday, January 12, 2018

shimon on you crazy diamond

the missing link between Nebula II and Photek

proper jungle techno with equal emphasis on the techno

(Real name actually is Shimon  - Shimon Alcoby! Later one third of Ram Trilogy)

Then starts heading towards the neuro zone - but  the dank-dark bass-glow still holds an appeal

getting a bit clinical but still pounding and pummelling quite fiercely

there was a point when the tracks started fizzing and frothing like test tubes in a laboratory - as if taking the idea of "experimental" literally

 then the heavy metal years began in earnest

hurt-your-ears snares

i think it must have been listening dispiritedly to a Ram Trilogy EP on the shop decks in one of my last sporadic spates of still trying to keep an ear on D&B (circa 1999 this is) that the title "Chase Scene" lodged in my head and stayed there ever since as the perfect description of the way drum and bass rhythm went from loop-da-loop thrills to an interminable treadmill

like one of those early animations where the background keeps rotating round and round as the characters keep running or driving

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