Tuesday, January 30, 2018

rufige nu

new slammige from the We Buy Gold kru


Anonymous said...

Incidentally, what do you think about that:
https://hardwax.com/79094/krust/the-portal/ ?


it's good stuff - a bit neurofunky for my taste maybe. i remember him being one of the leaders of that neuro direction back in 97-98 - "Soul In Motion" was one of his, right, very abstract electronics

bivers said...

Surprised you like these tracks; especially surprised at the Rufige comparison. More like Nu U Turn.

Thoughts about these?
(fixate has a really appropriate name)


I wasn't really comparing that new We Buy Gold stuff to Rufige Cru specifically, i just like the word "rufige" ! reminds me of my mum saying "got to make sure you eat enough roughage"

the Fixate stuff is really good actually

so when you say appropriate name, you mean because he's fixated on a particuarly era/sound?

i can see that with some of the tunes

but in "Tweeked" for instance, there's enough newness to make it fresh - the jabbering gibbering riff seems more like bro step than anything you'd have had in the Nineties


"Throwback Therapy" is definitely a time travel trip though!

bivers said...

Hah yes, I might be taking his name too literally. When i first heard "What Goes Around" and found out who the producer was, it seemed pretty tongue-in-check for a name. Other tracks not so much (though they still have an element of junglism to them)

BTW somewhat unrelated but DJ Tango passed away today: https://twitter.com/docscott31/status/958714929451855872

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