Monday, October 30, 2017

mitsy memoree

such an anthem they released  it the next year as "1999" and the year after that as "2000"

Then put it out again as "2004" (but unchanged - the 2000 versions repressed)

Now here's a bizarre thing - NME faves Peace, who are a neopsych Stoney Rosey sort of proposition, actually covered "1998" on their 2012 debut EP Delicious. Which actually makes me like them a little bit. It's not so much a cover as a purloining of the riff and the writing of a song over and around it. And actually it's not bad at all - quite a fun neo-psych blowout.

They must have been little kids when "1998" broke into the UK Top 10

back to the original (is still the greatest)

the video poster seems to think this is the correct (and faster) speed of the original, but feels bit too frantic to me

Binary Finary still going, based out of Australia these days, playing the odd festival around the world 

i was just about to pronounce that the music doesn't seem to have moved one jot forward since the late 90s -  but then realised it's actually a Classics Set !

the crowd go mental when the Binary Finary fellow drops "1998"

now i wonder if trance has moved a jot or two since the late 90s?

the pay off i fear would be too slight for it to be worth me investigating

one more time

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