Monday, October 23, 2017

"drum and bass seances"

"Summoning up the ghosts of '94" - Downpour a/k/a  Chris Adams from Hood / Bracken with some auntologikkal ardkore

the two above are current - part of "a memory project studying the provincial drum and bass scene spanning the years 1992-1994"  - complete with "Period correct kit list: Akai s950 sampler / Alesis Midiverb II  / Novation Bass station / Roland RE-201 Space echo / Delta lab Effectron II  /Atari ST running cubase "

but these below appear to be older experiments in skewed nuum sounds, done as early as 1997, now reissued or issued for the first time

some cool titles - "hey charles hayward", "a beginner's guide to mass hysteria", "if you're a fast enough mc", "dont' let's quantize", "it's only rock and roll and i don't like it", "wish we were there" (don't we all mate - there / then)

this one is very dreamy

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