Monday, September 25, 2017

"we did it with sound"

A friend of mine, Sean Nye, was recently at a Goldie gig, where the G-Man mentioned how he'd been asked by Skepta if he would  produce a track for him ("I said 'yeah - I'll produce the shit out of it'"). 

Then Goldie said this:

"You've probably noticed, grime is having a lot of impact at the moment. That's because it's telling the truth about what's going on in our cities. We were doing the same thing twenty years ago - but we did it with sound."

(Or words to that effect)

 I thought that was a good point, and well put. True - and a bit Nuum-y too. 

Actually it's pretty likely I've made a similar point myself, at one point or other in the fifteen years since grime's emergence:  grime verbalises what jungle was "saying" through rhythm / texture / mood. But probably in a less to the point, more verbose way than the Man Like G.

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