Wednesday, September 20, 2017

the last blast

twenty years ago today  -  great turned to shite, almost overnight

i'm talking about drum and bass obviously

the enshitenment threshold (says someone on this Dissensus techstep / neurofunk thread) was:

(perhaps it's cos the title is like a over-used metaphor of my own to describe techstep's drone-blare bass - the discourse-into-music feedback loop)

personally i'd probably say this was when the stuff started to leave me frigid 

YouTuber says "the album that changed d&B" - too right, and too bad.

This was the last truly great tune for the ages I think - but it didn't feel like the End (even though it sounds like Apocalypse Pending), it felt like a new frontier opening up - like there was so much more still to come.

Wrong! or so it turned out.

"Shadowboxing" - a 
"soundtrack for a defeated army" copyright padraig - and maybe this one are equal first in the glorious swan-song stakes

flailing gorgeous death throes of a genre going down in flames!

this tune  - which i don't recall at all from the time - is like a neurofunk photocopy of "Shadowboxing", everything glowering and malevolently potent about it is now suppressed and infolded

some argue for good things to be gleaned by the thorough and persistent out of that later techstep / early neuro / technical twitch zone

e.g. these Tim Finney picks 

my own attempt to see the writing on the wall - and to hasten its death with a horrible coinage!

no really that's what i wanted to do with the N-word - i was actually hoping someone would do a compilation titled Neurofunk, like they did with Artcore

amazingly people are still using the N-word, debating the term, i think there is even a message board for fans of neurofunk

it's almost as successful as post-rock

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