Sunday, July 9, 2017

playing trix on your mind

not forgetting this early beaut

interviewed Neil T around this Enforcers epic for this 1994 Wire "continuum series" piece on ambient jungle

soundbites from the Kurtz scenes in Apocalypse Now...

getting a teeny bit smoov for me with this one but love the vocal lick

yes going with the general drift towards slick and "soulful"


older and ruffer, better

and well weird remix

re-remix, well mashed n strange

a very odd 94 track with strange bird-like tweets and a very angular stompy beat -  can't imagine this got a lot of action on the dancefloor - cool anomalous tune though

wonder what he did after D&B? and what's he doing now?


pete.devnull said...

I don't think Neil Trix is doing tunes now, works for focusrite though so still involved w/ audio stuff. There's a nice lengthy interview in one of Uncle Dugs' radio shows a few years back. Trix just put out a nice but massively delayed double EP of FBD stuff with an unreleased VIP of a tune from back in those days, a few essential classics and a few nice modern remixes.

That "bonehard" tune is a great longtime ago weirdo jungle find, played it a few times on my jungletrain show over the past years but I've been waiting to put it in a bigger mix. Closest thing I've heard, albeit from the IDM side of things is this uziq track:


cheers for the lowdown Pete

that Muziq tune is great - Mikey P has a real feel for this music, avoiding the getting-a-bit-silly zone that too much drilly-bassy stuff dove into.