Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dark House more like

scuttling beats + slimy samplige

my personal fave Whitehouse is i think this one, which is on the "distraught ecstasy" / "harrowed-by-bliss" tip - a cousin to Johnny Jungle's "Flammable" but better i think

mind you White House also put out:

Criminal Minds 'baptised by dub', globe + the hardcore massive "anthem", shit ton of bay-b-kane, some bizzy B, A-Zone "Calling the People", Rood Project "Thunder", buncha Remarc,

and Warped Kore, "The Power" which might actually jostle the Untouchables out of #1 spot now I think of it

One of the great hardcore labels


droid said...

Ah, but what about and ?


yeah that remarc is murderous