Thursday, December 10, 2015

history of our world parts 1 to 43 (and counting)

at The Ransom Note , the series Gone To A Rave - stories from the birth of jungle (and other nuum phases too), label profiles, interviews, key tracks, quirky angles (small ads in rave mags!), etc etc - by a fellow called Ian McQuaid

notable instalments

pairs with this earlier one on Renk - aka Grant Nelson

not forgetting this one with P House founder Phil Fearon

well i thought i would just link to the most enticing looking 5 or 6 but i've nearly linked them all apart from the grime and UK and dancehall and happy hardcore ones. also left out the mission statements from Ian McQ

this reminds me i need to restart that Hardcore Heroes series, next year i will get back on the case.... i had got about 3 instalments half done but had to delay finishing them on account of the  Book (now done, pretty much) and another 16 plus lined up as candidates

.... a potentially interminable series especially if hardcore understood to include gabba as well as breakbeat


droid said...

Wow, great find. Some brilliant stuff there.


i assumed it was just me that had missed this - perhaps the series has gone under the radar generally.

i need a spare couple of days to go through all this.

in some ways it's great that the history is nowadays being assembled in such detail, but in other ways i quite miss the not knowing anything about these people, their names or where from or what race.... just enigmatic names on a 12 inch... anonymous collectivity