Wednesday, December 9, 2015

amen garage

"Am I listening to old or new music? When you're listening to one of René Pawlowitz's alter egos, it's a question you often have to ask. In the case of "Amen Garage," the query is one you have to direct at PCK, on a record called For The Kingdom, the second release from his label The Final Experiment, which includes "stuff out of the galaxy called Hardwax Berlin." This track's a revitalizing take on UK garage and breakbeats, combined with the severity and strength of Shed in his more fucked-up days. Proper business from the Don"—Jaun Pablo López

from Thump's best 50 tracks of 2015


Eli Bee said...

Nice but what dancefloor is that made for? Having a hard time imagining who would dance to this in 2015.


that's what i thought when i heard it - how would you dance to this?