Friday, October 16, 2015

deep tepid

not been following deep tech terribly closely this year, but each time i dip back in - gotta say .... it feels like it's treading water

all those directions that seemed so promising this time last year - the music getting more twisted, darker, abstract-y, bass-ruff.... coming from figures like Hugo Massien, Theo Nasa, Area 8... and to lesser extentCamo Crooks, Psionics, RS4, Shay/Sinista and others ..... they don't really seem to have come to fruition

the above is a recent-ish mix that da cognoscenti were buzzed about

but i dunno tho...  a diva lick and a bass drop, is that really enough in 2015?

Dominic Datwun diagnoses on Dissensus thread

"Deep Tech's always had opposing poles, pulling towards both the tradition of UK club music and international house music. This year deep tech's been pulling a lot more in the house direction - a good example would be the fact that House ENT, Top Shelf Recordings, Definition Music, Shadow Music - who were all pushing the harder, more 'UK' side of the sound, have all gone quiet. Other labels like Audio Rehab are pushing the more housey end of things, as are a lot of the producers themselves. Though that sounds like a recipe for the scene becoming more bland or loosing it's identity - which was always super vague anyway, with producers calling their music 'house' as much if not more than them calling it 'deep tech' - I don't know if that's really happening. Though it would be a shame to see that harder edge stuff disappear - and we're definitely pushing that sound with a lot of our future releases on HNH - it's not gone completely, and a lot of the housier, tech house stuff is wicked, with that UK energy carried across in the vibe if not obvious samples."

some tunes he recommends:

"something for your mind your body and your soul" - out comes the antique sample, for the umpteenth time! or has it been revoiced? 

faint flicker of a smile raised by the "alla da youth shall witness the day that Babblon shall faaaaaalll" sample ... but if only the trak was one tenth as exciting as Splash's "Babylon"

funktional but not spectacular is how these deep tech 2015 choons strike me -  they do the bizniz in the clubz i'm sure

chugging and banging

this more cold-digital tune recommended by someone else on the Diss-thread is nicely icy

good reverby micro-chasms in this production

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