Thursday, October 8, 2015

DB meets D n B #2

originally i was going to call these posts D n B jumpers #1 and #2 (and possibly #3, #4, etc - if i could think of more examples)

then realised the two perpetrators both abbreviate to DB

Derek Bailey

and David Bowie!

in both cases, although strictly and sternly speaking, bandwagon jumpers.... the two DBs make a pretty good fist of it, and one has to admire (considering both were getting on a bit) their enthusiasm for the New Thing

yeah I was impressed that DB(owie) in the interviews around Earthling talked rather knowledgeably about DnB - referencing the Kemet Crew and Congo Natty and things like that. Not your Bukems and Goldies and entry-level coffee table DnB, but proper rinse-out ragga-junglism.  He'd done his research, or got someone else to do it for him.

"Little Wonder" has a pretty plaintive  little melody and endearing vocal -  gels surprisingly well with the beat

oddly the vibe of the song itself is almost flashback to the first album - the Newley-esque music hall tunes - but it's mashed into a fairly fierce thicket of 'renegade snares'-like choppage

Wish the whole 'so faraway' / guitar noise middle-8 sort of bit wasn't there though

still overall, good stuff . . indeed i think this might be his best single of the 90s, but then I can't say I've tracked the other output obsessively.

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