Wednesday, May 6, 2015

lōc'ed on

think this are amazing - wish there was a whole subgenre of just this rap sound, 100s and 100s of tracks. 

this also great but in more classic rap-rock  Def Jam / Ultramagnetic MCs ' Travelling At the Speed of Thought' vein

a great rapper too - not in any MC's MC / lyricism sort of way - but just getting the job done  - swagger + poisernality 

Wonder if the album Lōc-ed After Dark has anything else as good as these on it?

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Timh Gabriele said...

Used to love this one when I was a kid. I believe there was even a tape of me singer the wild thing over that instrumental around age 8 or 9. But I recall looking at the back of the cassette a few years on down the road and The Dust Brothers (not Chemical- of Paul's Boutique/Odelay fame) produced all or some of it